2017 Spring - Something to Sing About

Tempus 2017 Spring SomethingtoSingAbout


Celebrate Canada 150 with the Tempus Choral Society

May 5, 2017 | 8:00 pm
May 6, 2017 | 3:00 pm

ClearView Christian Reformed Church
2300 Sheridan Garden Dr., Oakville.


Something to sing about .. this land of OURS.  We will visit the provinces through song and celebrate the history and culture of this great land.

  This was a beautiful bouquet of music that awaited everyone at the Tempus Choral Society’s 2017 spring concert:
  Tempus 110-voice SATB choir, new Tempus children’s choir and new Tempus vocal jazz ensemble backed by an instrumental combo.
  Someprogram highlights:

  • Something to Sing About - ...This land of ours!  A tribute to Canada written for the 100th anniversary by Oscar Brand and arranged by Carl Tapscott
  • No Man is an Island - another Tempus standard by Joan Whitney and Alex Kramer - this song celebrates our community spirit and reliance on one another
  • Hymn to Freedom - "together molds our destiny, that's when we'll be free" a classic from Oscar Peterson
  • Away from the Roll of the Sea - This haunting melody by Allister MacGillivray evokes the Cape Breton coastline and the beauty of the harbor 
  • Blues Back to Back - The traditional Tempus challenge of the Spring concert Blues - with The Birth of the Blues and Blues in the Night
  • What a Wonderful World - The 1967 classic by George Weiss and Bob Thiele made famous again in Good Morning Vietnam
  • Canadian Railroad Trilogy - Travel the length and breadth of Canada as the Railroad is built through the music of Gordon Lightfoot

Join us for a great evening of music!